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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release in Europe on September 2

We can easily call this day the Note 7 day, since it has already been announced. As it seems, we will actually get to enjoy the device starting September 2nd. There is something new though, the phablet will first be released in the US on August 19, where you can pre-order them tomorrow, and then in Europe on September 2nd, where you will be able to pre-order it on August 16. This is quite unusual for Samsung, company that has always released their devices simultaneously on both markets. This two week delay might make some customers unhappy, but also think about the fact that Galaxy Note 5 didn’t actually get an official release in Europe.

Galaxy Note 5 only reached Europe in the beginning of this year, which is after their plan to transform S6 Edge+ the one and only phablet for the continent failed. We’re pretty sure the company won’t make the same mistake again.

On the UK market, the price seems to be £699 for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which is quite a lot, so if you plan on buying it for yourself, you might want to start putting some money aside for it until September. Also, in the UK you will have a different array of freebies for the device than you can find in the US. For instance, in the US you can choose to use a Gear Fit2 and to add a 256 GB microSD card, while in the UK you will supposedly have the same card option or another Gear VR. However, this information is not official yet and it is based only on rumors.

Given the hype surrounding this device, it seems that it will quickly hit the top sales on both European and American markets.

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