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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date Officially Confirmed – 2nd August

It’s official. The next Samsung Galaxy Note series, dubbed the Galaxy Note 7 officially, has a release date. Samsung will be unveiling this new device on an August 2nd event: Unpacked 2016. This means we are just a couple of weeks away from seeing the new device.

Of course, an official release date doesn’t stop rumors and leaks from flooding in. My personal favorite is the full render of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, showing gorgeous lines and dual curved display on the front, similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge. I must point out that this will be the first time a dual curved display is used on a Galaxy Note.

Note 7

It is also confirmed that the company will not be releasing a Galaxy Note 6. Samsung is trying to reorganize its naming structure, and going straight to Galaxy Note 7 will keep it in line with the S7 and S7 Edge series of phones.

Back to the display of the phone, Samsung is sticking with a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display for the Galaxy Note 7. A recent photo of the Note 7’s front glass cover revealed something interesting: an iris scanner on the front of the device. This leak was quickly followed by a picture of the device with some sort of a retina scanner app open. There is a notice on the screen that says, “Use iris or draw pattern.”

It is unclear whether an iris scanner will actually be functional (or practical) in real life, but the move is an interesting one nonetheless. Similar to fingerprints, each iris is unique in its own way. It is an interesting additional to Android phone’s security measures.

More Leaks and Rumors

If you’re like me and you are looking forward to this next Galaxy Note phone, there are a few interesting rumors to keep in mind as well. For starters, the Galaxy Note 7 is said to have a bigger battery, possibly 4,000mAh. Quick Charge 3.0 will also be present, which means the device can be charged in around 1 hour.

Three colors will be available as well: black, silver and blue. Although the Galaxy Note 7 renders look really good in black, they look even better in silver. Last but not least, expect to see Samsung’s new Exynos 8890 (and Snapdragon 820/821 in the US and Europe) as well as a whopping 6GB of RAM. Oh, and the 12-megapixel main shooter should produce stunning photos as well based on the leap Samsung made with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

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