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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Orders Available In UK By Third-Party Retailers

Though Samsung did not officially accept Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders inside the UK, there are some third-party retailers who did it. For instance, one of these retailers is Carphone Warehouse and you can get yourself a Note 7 device from their website.

Great news for the fans, too. If you pre-order your copy of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 before the end of this month (more exactly the 30th of August), you will get the Gear VR headset released this year for free. Moreover, Carphone Warehouse guarantees that you will get your phone on September 2, the day when the device is officially launched in Europe.

The retailer also announced that Note 7 will cost £699 without a SIM card (the 64 GB model). Moreover, if you indeed pre-order from them, you will receive the Gear VR three days early. If you are not convinced whether you want to buy it or not, you can see the demo in their store.

Carphone Warehouse also has a Price Promise, which means that if someone finds a better deal for Note 7, whether it is from O2, EE or Vodafone, on a monthly pay plan or SIM-only, they will offer you the same price and pay the first line rental on a month for you.

If you want to get a phone together with a month plan, all major carriers in the UK have some interesting offers. For instance, Vodafone offers a 24-month plan with 6 GB data and £42 a month, plus extra £59.

Galaxy Note 7 seems to be the main attraction for people these days. It is indeed a great device, with a 5.7 inches display, offering Quad HD resolution and Super AMOLED technology. The camera is also extremely satisfying, having 12 MP and using a new technology developed by Samsung, called Dual Pixel. This means that the pixels are bigger than usual, thus taking better and brighter photos. It includes an Optical Image Stabilization option for when you need to shoot a video in flawless condition.

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