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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-order Start After 2nd August – Expected To Sell Like A Pancake

Samsung scheduled event on August 2 is coming, and the Galaxy Note 7 is ready for pre-order after that.  They say that the early birds get the worm and in this case, the first one to order to get the new device would surely be the first one to experience the features of the said device.  You can only make a pre-order once the said date is over.  If you want to experience the joy of being one of the first owners of Galaxy Note, you need to be one of the first few people to pre-order it.

Reports said that pre-orders for the other S7 series went up a few days after the corresponding announcement.  The new device is expected to sell like hotcake since the pre-order are growing and Samsung would need to fill in some big shoes to be able to supply the pre-order that went up fast.  Those, who pre-ordered right away, would surely be the first ones to brag about their new Galaxy Note 7 for they have the privilege of being the first one to enjoy one of the hottest devices today.  The new Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be one of the hottest devices as soon as it is release to the market.

According to the Dutch website GalaxyClub, the pre-orders from some of the countries like Netherlands, other European countries, South Korea and the United States is expected to rise after the event in August 2.  And with those pre-orders keeps on coming like that, it would be wise if you would get a pre-order right away to take part of the craze since you might not know if they would run out of stocks soon.   The device is expected to sell like a pancake with the rate things are going.

The new Samsung phablet would have a security measure, “the iris scanner”.   Iris scanner is a feature that helps identify its user.  Aside from that, Phone Arena believes that users can expect a six inches display could be expected from the phablet.  A camera that is used for the phablet came from Vietnam and it is said that it would help users to get a better view.

If you want to pre-order your very own Galaxy Note 7, you need to get it from Samsung Online store, though there are no guarantees that you can get your hands on one since people are ordering one as of this writing.  One thing is for sure, the retailers and wholesalers are the ones that would be among the people wanting to get their hands on it.  For sure, they are not getting just one as they intend to make money from selling it.

For now, there is no assurance that you would get your very own Galaxy Note 7 even if you want to since it is not yet available in the market.  But, one thing is for sure; it would be among the hottest device in the market based on the reports that it is getting from news sites.



Source: TalkAndroid, Phone Arena

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