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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Pre-Order Already Started in Dubai!

Despite the leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we still have to wait until August 2nd to actually see the device. We expect it to be available for pre-order on the same day, while retail purchases won’t be possible until a couple of weeks after the launch event.

As it turns out, it is already possible to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you happen to live in Dubai and you want to be among the first to receive the device, there is a store that will take a US$ 130 deposit and accept your pre-order. That’s AED 500 in local currency.

This is also a good news for those who want to pick up a Galaxy Note 7 around the world. The pre-order in Dubai is very much inline with the news of a possible T-Mobile pre-order next week. SamMobile, a trusted source for everything Samsung related, is the one that reported this rumor the first time.

With a pre-order starting next week, T-Mobile customers can also expect the device to be shipped on the same day of its official launch, August 2nd. This is a very different approach compared to last year’s release of Galaxy Note 5, but Samsung is facing a much more competitive market and is said to be changing things up.

Another news about a possible same-day shipment of the Galaxy Note 7 came from GalaxyClub, which stated that pre-orders in several European countries, the United States and South Korea will start immediately after the device is launched. Samsung will be taking pre-orders on its own website.

What We Know So Far

If you think pre-ordering a device before its official release is risky, I can assure you it is not; especially with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. We know a lot about the device from leaks and teasers already.

For starters, we know the device will use an Exynos 8893 or the latest Snapdragon 82x SoC. It is also safe to expect the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come with 4GB of RAM and 4,000mAh of battery.

Another important point to keep in mind about pre-ordering the Galaxy Note 7 is the bonuses. Samsung usually throws in a lot of bonuses to early adopters, so don’t be surprised to find a free Gear VR or even a Gear smartwatch being added to the pre-order package.


Source – Talkandroid

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