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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest Leaked Picture Might Disappoint Netizens

For the past few months, some people that might have to do with Samsung are sharing some pictures of the Galaxy Note 7 online.  While most of the pictures got people excited, the last leaked picture might be a disappointment since there is a probability that some feature would be lost and people don’t like it when something is lost.  This is a bad news since that means we can’t enjoy that feature anymore and we can’t do what we are used to do with our phones before.

Note S7 Latest

On a press release earlier, Samsung have given us the hint that the device might have a curve screen, like the one that we can see on the Galaxy S7 Edge.  But, in the picture above, it is clear that there won’t be any curved screen, which means that the display would be flat and we can’t expect a feature that is available only on those especially made phone unit with curve screen such as the Edge features or aesthetics.   For many, who are already used to the feature, it won’t be acceptable, especially since it is already part of their lifestyle and a phone not having that would be something that they might not want to have.

This is not the first time that it happened as it happened in the Galaxy Note 5 before.  This proves that Samsung doesn’t think that the curve screen doesn’t do much and it is just a selling point for the Galaxy S line.  Samsung might be thinking that this would be a way to distinguish the two units since they are made by the same company.  Being made by the same company doesn’t mean that it should have all the features that the other one has.   Each phone must be unique, so the company can concentrate on marketing it.  Some people might like it, but for sure, not everyone would love it.  People are different and each one has their own liking. The Galaxy Note series got its own market and the other series also has its own.

Then again, this is just a prototype and there is a chance that Samsung would change it, if they are not satisfied with it.   A prototype is something that is not a finished product, which means that they might change something in it. As of now, it is still early to speculate, but things like that do happen.  There is still a chance that we would see the prototype getting a revision.  Most of the time, these prototypes are tested with none of the features that we want.  This means that we might end up with curve Galaxy Note 7 at the end of the day; just like what Samsung did with the Note 4 and Note Edge.

Anyway, it is just a few weeks away and we would know for sure if they are going to revise something on the Galaxy Note 7.  On a last note, whatever we get at the end of the day doesn’t really mean that it would be bad since we can choose which product we would buy.


Source: TalkAndroid

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