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Samsung Galaxy A 2017 Series Set To Be Unveiled On The 5th January

Samsung is planning to make 2017 refreshes for a lot of their devices, and the most notable of these is the Galaxy A series, a tight family of devices that are all set to get siblings in the coming year. After they might have let slip that the new devices in this series would be made water resistant, Samsung has taken the self-leaking game to another level. This they did by confirming to us what names the new Galaxy A lineup would bear at the time of launch and beyond and also, just when we would have to hold our breaths till.

Already sending out media invites for the event where they would unveil this new series, the Malaysian arm of the South Korean OEM has, in a way, let us know that the Samsung Galaxy A 2017 is due for announcement and launch on the 5th of January. This means that as early as next week, we should be treated to the full official pictures, specs, pricing and availability information on these new sets of mid-range units. From the released invite, too, one can now deduce that they hope to touch every device that has ever been made in the Galaxy A series, and the difference would just be a ‘(2017)’ tag added to them to show the year of design.

In a statement made on the invite, Samsung Malaysia has said “This year, ring in a new wave of adventures and accomplishments to look forward to. Whether you live on the edge or bask in the spontaneous moments, embrace it and Live Unplanned.” Even though these press invites have been sent out in Malaysia, it is expected that Samsung brings the new series to the United States too and launch it at the CES  2017. Coincidentally, this event would kick off from the 5th of January also, making it an all-round feasible date for sure.

What we are looking to get on that day is a Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017) and as well, Galaxy A7 (2017), all of them sporting a progressive 4.7 inch, 5.2 inches and 5.7 inches of screen respectively. The Galaxy A models for this year were great too, but they Aare soon to be knocked out by the 2017 models which look like they have torn a page out of the book of the Galaxy S7 units. This does give them a more refined and premium look, and we can’t wait to see what they feel like in between all of these too.

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