Will Samsung Showcase First Ever Stretchable OLED Screen this Week?

Will Samsung Showcase First Ever Stretchable OLED Screen this Week?

The SID Display Week 2017, an international electronic display convention, will be on, from May 23rd, at California. While, most of the major players are expected to show case their latest inventions, we are quite boggled about what it is said to be the one, Samsung’s display division is going to put-up, at the conference. Yes, the first ever Stretchable OLED display.

Sourcing initially from the Korean media, The Korea Herald, the report claims that this new piece of technology, will be the best ever technical excellence in the field of display screen. The stretchable can bring-in a revolution in the AI, IoT, automobile and wearable accessories sectors.

Apart from it, two other display panels are also expected from Sammy that will be out soon be slapped to their smartphones, in the future.

Accordingly, one will be concentrating on an incredibly higher pixel density, being small in size. To be precise, it is a LCD display featured with an Ultra-High-Definition, at 1.96-inches. It is said that we can expect 3840 X 2160 px resolution, and 2250ppi, for the small one. Incredible. Isn’t it?

The next one is a 3D OLED display screen that comes sans glass. Measuring diagonally at 5.09-inches, this glass-less technology, will display objects in-panel, as if they are for real. Moreover, the objects portrayed are said to look differently, based on the angle if the viewers sight. This panel, is also reportedly found its place on the company’s exhibit, at the event.

Returning back to the stretchable OLED, it is said to be a 9.1-inch screen that is bendable up to 12mm, from above or below. If in case, you think the numbers isn’t impressive; mind that it is definitely the first one capable of being bended or rolled, in both the sides. Moreover, the technology is just being researched and developed, and hence we can expect unbelievable breakthroughs, in the future. Remember our digicams, once been a giant telescopes?

Talking about, when these technological advancements will be in the hands of people to use; the one thing we’ve to consider, is the difficulty in manufacturing it in mass. Moreover, relevant advancements in the areas of processors and batteries are also needed for it, to happen. Let’s wait and see, what officially is said about these technology, in the conference.


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