How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos Variant G950F/FD/N/X, G955F/FD/N/X)
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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ (Exynos Variant G950F/FD/N/X, G955F/FD/N/X)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are excellent devices and come with tons of new features and software gimmicks. However, we’re convinced that a lot of users aren’t satisfied with them and want more, so they’re thinking at installing custom ROMs or more. If you’re one of them as well, you should know that in order to do this, you need to root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+!

The process is very simple and it requires just a TWRP recovery installed on the phone. If you have one, everything you need to do is to follow the steps in our short guide on how to root Galaxy S8 and S8+ and everything should be fine!

Before starting the process, we’ve put together a list with some of the most important benefits rooting brings :

  • It allows you to install a custom ROM or a custom kernel, resulting in faster and better performance
  • Ads can be blocked, using an ad blocker
  • If you want to customize the phone even more, you can install the Xposed Framework
  • Battery life and performance can also be increased, by closing background process automatically
  • You can get rid of all the pre-installed apps
  • You can restore all the apps and data, using Titanium Backup


Important Notes


Here are a few aspects you should seriously consider initially, so you can avoid any issues during the installation:

  • This method works just for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with Exynos processors. If yours has a Qualcomm chip, don’t use it, since it won’t work.
  • The rooting process will erase all your data, so it’s highly recommended to take a full backup and just then proceed.
  • Check your battery level! It needs to be between 50-60%, so you can prevent accidental shutdowns in the middle of the process.
  • Make sure you follow all steps of the process!


Root Galaxy S8 and S8+


Step 1: After flashing the TWRP Custom Recovery (Install TWRP on Galaxy S8 and S8+), boot the phone into Recovery Mode, by pressing and holding the Bixby button and the volume up buttons at the same time, then press the Power button. Once the phone turns on, let go of the power button, but keep the Bixby button and the volume up button pressed.

Step 2: While you’re in Recovery Mode, disable the phone’s encryption.

Step 3: Go to Install Zip and look for the /twres/flashables/ folder, then select the

Step 4: Swipe in order to begin flashing the file, then, after it’s done, reboot the phone into Recovery Mode.

Step 5: Go to the main menu in TWRP and select Wipe > Format Data.

Step 6: Reboot the phone into Recovery Time once again.

Step 7: While in TWRP, go to Install Zip again, then go to the /twres/flashables folder and select the file.

Step 8: Swipe in order to install the Magisk file, which will root Galaxy S8 or S8+. It should take around 10 minutes.

Step 9: Reboot your phone one last time.

And this is it! You have successfully managed to root Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ in just a few minutes! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, using the comments section below.

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