Red’s $1,200 Hydrogen One Prototype Appeared on Youtube Video
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Red’s $1,200 Hydrogen One Prototype Appeared on Youtube Video

Just a month ago, the high-end professional camera company, Red, announced a high-end $1,200 smartphone, Hydrogen One. Well, now we have received few prototypes of that device and trust me, it looks amazingly stunning. The prototypes of Hydrogen One appeared originally on a famous tech Youtube channel, MKBHD, which run by Marques Brownlee.

However, the prototypes which have been shown in the video aren’t functioning but still, it can give a pretty good idea about how the device would look finally. Well, his video majorly focuses on the look and feel, not on the features. The YouTuber has also told about the holographic display, however, he couldn’t manage to show us but instead said that it’s really amazing.

Coming to the design aspect, it seems that the Red has really worked very hard to come up with such a unique and sturdy design. At the front side, the device has regular look except for the earpiece and the speaker grills (at the bottom), which is really unique in design. At the back, the device again has a unique look with the dual camera and LED flash in the circular box at the top and Red logo at the bottom.

Now, the most unique and my personal best design is at sides of the device. Well, the sides are actually little bumpy for a better grip and with such design, I believe that holding would be easier. Another most amazing thing is, this device gets connecting pins at back-bottom, to connect some accessories just like we see in Motorola Moto Mods capable devices.

Sadly, we have no more information available with us but it is expected that the soon the company would come up with a working prototype for the people to understand what the holographic display would actually look like.


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