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Polar M600 Android Wear Powered Sport Watch Announced


Polar – A Finnish tech company that manufactures heart sensors and activity trackers – announced today the launch of the M600 Sports Watch which is powered by Android Wear – the Google smartwatch line. The device is essentially a fitness-focused smartwatch, but people will be able to use it for many other non-sports or non-fitness related activities because it will have access to more than 4000 Android Wear Apps from the Google Play Store.

Now, in terms of the actual fitness features of the M600, you should know that it has heart rate tech which allows it to measure heart rate through the 6 LEDs that are embedded into it. It can also offer you details related to your sleep patterns.

Polar M600

Along with these useful features you’ll also discover other functions like 24/7 activity tracking, GPS and Polar’s specific ‘Smart Coaching’ app. The latter asses your day to day fitness levels and creates individual training plans, enabling you to work out at the right intensity while also offering you instant feedback. It’s also meant to offer you maximum motivation when you’re exercising or training.

If you’re considering getting this smartwatch, you should also know that it’s waterproof so you can probably keep it on when you’re swimming or doing other water-related sports. It also has a minimalist design and it comes in two colors: Powder White and Charcoal Black. Its battery can actually last up to 48 hours, even when connected to an Android based device.

Polar’s M600 has 4 GB of internal storage which isn’t a lot but it’s just the right amount of storage capacity if you want to synch the smartwatch to your playlist and listen to your music without the need to use a smartphone anymore.

So far Polar hasn’t mention the exact date when we’ll start seeing the device in stores but they did mention that it will cost $329. It’s very likely that we will be able to purchase it in the fall.

Polar is a Finnish tech company and a leading pioneer in heart rate monitoring, training systems and activity trackers with over 40 years of experience that operates in over 80 countries.

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