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OPPO R9S New Teaser Leaked Online: Eye-Catching Specs

It has been a real surprise to see the success OPPO R9 had in China. Actually, other models released by the company seem to match the public’s taste when it comes to smartphones, and so the company reached top 5 smartphone companies in the world. The next step seems to be the launch of OPPO R9S, which will follow into the steps of the previous model.

We got some new leaked posters going around the web, which are in fact some teasers for the next release. As it seems, the text on the posters, “TheNextOne” could hint to the release of the OPPO R9S, whose release is speculated to take place towards the end of this year. Also, from the teasers you could tell that the main focus of the upcoming device is the camera. The previous smartphone, OPPO R9, offered a great 16 MP camera on the front and a 13 MP one on its rear. Their quality was actually pretty good, so it remains to be seen what else the company could improve in them.

If you were to believe the latest speculations, OPPO R9S is already in the production stage. It has suffered some changes, which means it relies on a different processor and a couple other pieces. Though there is no official confirmation for this, people say that the future smartphone will be running on a Snapdragon 625 processor, which is a switch from the Helio P10 model currently found in the R9 model. Moreover, rumor has it that OPPO will also improve the VOOC feature for fast charging, and they might even use the Super VOOC technology. The latest technology has been unveiled in Barcelona at the MWC 2016 event and it’s the new generation model.

Sadly, nobody has any official details for the exact configuration of the upcoming OPPO R9S, but if the release is closer than we expect, we should be getting this soon. Many seem to believe that the company is planning to hold a press conference and to give away more information on their plans.

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