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Oppo R9s Launch Event On October 19 With Improved Sony Camera Sensor (IMX398)

As of now, the Oppo R9 is not a secret anymore. Besides the leaks that have appeared in time, there has also been a TV commercial released in China about it. Things followed their natural course and then we could see the company sending out some invites for the launching event, which is taking place on October 19.

But wait, there’s more! As it seems, the smartphone camera is based on a new sensor manufactured by Sony, namely the IMX398. This means it’s 98 more than the IMX300 sensor Sony used for its high-end smartphone series Xperia. According to a source, the sensor is also a 16 MP dual-pixel one, which is similar to the 12 MP camera found on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The lens aperture is also similar to the flagship device, being f/1.7.

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However, there is a small curiosity about this. While the TV commercial talks about the R9s Plus, this model is not to be found anywhere, nor on the invites or on the fancy sensor box. This might mean there are two possibilities: perhaps the R9 and R9s Plus will get their own announcement at different moments, which would mean that they differ more than just their size (just like the current models R9 and R9 Plus, which present different hardware features). The other possibility is that the two might have identical specs, except for the display size, which means that there was no need to mention another model on the invite.

It’s not long until the event and we will have the chance to find out then what is the deal with the two phones. Since the information about them is scarce, people are really curious to find out more, starting with questions about the price, other specs and availability, depending on the countries.

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