Oppo R11’s Dual Camera in Portrait Mode Revealed With Samples
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Oppo R11’s Dual Camera in Portrait Mode Revealed With Samples

Oppo’s upcoming camera flagship, Oppo R11 is next in line, waiting for launch. Though a compelling release date haven’t been hinted yet, the company seems to be vigorously engaged in lots of promotional activities for the device.

Yes, Oppo has already held ads in airports, train stations, TV commercials and in various landmarks across China. They have even made a contract with many music celebrities of China, to promote this amazing smartphone.

Now the company has released a set of new photos, which are said to be captured by the R11’s dual cameras in portrait mode. Well with this, we could get an idea, on what this camera-specific phone is capable of, when it comes to the imaging duties. To start, these images are crisp portrait shots taken at different locations under various lighting conditions.

The models featured in these images are wearing varied clothes of different colors and textures in each shot. This might have been done purposefully, to show how the camera renders the shots, when exposed to the subjects putting-on a dull and bright colored dresses. The colors of each of the dresses, are portrayed clearly and vividly without any fading mark.

At the same time, the skin tones and skin colors are also captured accurately, without any compromise. In addition, to give out a prompt example of how it captures various skin tones and facial features, different models with different skin tones have been put-up, such as bright, not dark or too pale. And the wrinkles are clearly visible.

Let’s have a short recall about its specs: it is powered by the Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor, the chipset that perfectly suits the R11’s camera set up. Talking about the cameras, there is a dual main camera (20MP Wide-angle and 16Mp of Telephoto lens) and there is another 20MP of selfie shooter, just above its display.

Therefore, the device’s dual camera is absolutely capable of capturing top quality photos with a blurred out background, just like it’s in the professional cameras. Anyway, we expect it to be launched very soon, stay tuned to know about it!


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