Oppo introduced 5X Optical Zoom Technology

The reports on the Oppo’s new camera technology, were inadequate in detailing. But it is now official that the Chinese company working on the project, which is basically a new zooming technology that is being developed. It’s referred to as ‘5x’ and it seems to be an innovative approach to the zoom on its smartphone’s camera. The ultimate objective of this technology is a lossless 5X zooming.

Oppo 5X Optical Zoom


Oppo has not provided any information about the sensor sizes and apertures, which would be the critical factors for the image quality; but as per the announcement, it seems that it has managed to fit-in a telephoto lens, inside a smartphone, to retain the image quality even at 5X zoom. It has created a high level of anticipations, since the rumours came in and hence, we are curiously looking forward to see, how it has been implemented in a device.

As a point of fact, the smartphone cameras are usually featured with Optical Zooming facilities that are prone to cut down the image quality, when zoomed in. Now, the Oppo has said that this new camera technology has been designed to allow 5x Zoom, without any quality loss.

Until now, the alternative solution for this, deployed by the iPhone 7 Plus’s camera, has proven to be competent; it consists of two sensors, where one is normal, while the other one stands permanently zoomed in. Images from both the sensors are combined to deliver better quality pictures, when a shot is clicked.

However, the Oppo’s 5X performs quite differently, where the second sensor is hidden inside the phone’s unit at an angle of 90-degrees and has got a telephoto lens. The light from the telephoto lens is reflected to the sensor (at 90-degrees) through a prism. The setup can be rotated in multiples of 0.0025 degrees, allowing a stabilized zooming. And thus it would result in ‘lossless 5x zooming’ in their device.

Oppo has stated that it took nearly a year to develop the 5x, in which the Corephotonics, a camera technology vendor, have assisted it throughout the development. Yet, the company hasn’t uttered a word on, which of its smartphone would feature this new camera technology. Anyhow, there are exceeding expectations about its launch, to see how good this new tech actually works.

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