A New Oppo Find 9 Image Popped-Up on Weibo
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A New Oppo Find 9 Image Popped-Up on Weibo

Oppo Find 9 is an upcoming smartphone that will be hopefully unveiled in 2017. After considerably a long time, since the rumors about it surfaced initially, dated back in 2015; now we have actually got a glimpse of a new image of this handset, from the Chinese site, Weibo. For the past two years, a lot had happened in the world, yet Oppo doesn’t seems to be releasing the Find 9.

Oppo Find 9

Though the company never spilled a word about the Find series, until now; there have always been occasional posts on Weibo, like rendered images and leaks, about this doubtful device. Hence, there is no wonder that people are still looking forward to hear about the Find 9.

On taking a look on this new image, we could find that it comes with a curved bottom, while the brand name is also just placed on the device’s chin. As you can see, the left and right sides of the phone are edge-less, it seems that phone is having very thin bezels all around.

The display is totally dark, due to the black wallpaper. Unfortunately, the sad part is, we couldn’t really get an idea about any buttons on the sides, as the picture doesn’t covers it.

As for now, the expected specs include, either a 5.5 or 5.7 inch QHD display; 4GB/6GB of RAM; and Snapdragon 835 chipset, with 64-bit octa core SoC. Yet, the battery capacity, release date and its availability aren’t disclosed.

As so many rumors have been listed, we could expect the Oppo Find 9 to arrive by this year, as a successor of Oppo Find 7, which was released back in 2014. Since then, Oppo haven’t announced a flagship yet. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed, until the Find 9 is actually revealed, to know whether it will feature the latest and greatest specs, as the rumors has it all.


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