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OPPO Confirmed F1S Unveiled In India On 3rd August

If you can still remember the OPPO F1 from last year, you might have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the OPPO F1s this year.  It would be unveiled on August 3 and the hopes are high that it would be better than its predecessor.  The manufacturer claims that the new F1s would be better and it would be the main product for the second half of 2016.  Take note that the previous one has been successful last year and now the OPPO F1s is about to be unveiled, the hopes are high to duplicate that success or even do better than the F1 from last year.


Most of the specs of the OPPO F1s haven’t been revealed yet, but it looks promising since it carries the name of the F1 from last year.  For sure, the sleek design, and the concise snapshot would still be there, and the added features would surely make it greater than its predecessor.  The manufacturer said that it would deliver the “ultimate experience”, which is something to look forward to.  It is like the birth child of someone great, which means it would be greater than its predecessor and the F1s certainly could do that.  The new smartphone is believe to outdo the performance of its predecessor and hopefully would outdo the sales performance too.

To this date, the response to the previous version has been great so far, so it is expected the new one would get a greater response because it carries the name of its predecessor.  For the manufacturer, it is just right that they upgraded the F1 as that would bring in more sales.  However, this won’t be the second as the second F1 was F1 Plus, so this would be the third series.   To think that, it would be release after six months the first one got released makes it a hot item since it rides on the glory of the first F1.

OPPO stated that F1 was one of the best selling so far for their company, which ranges from $225-300.  So far, it is a hit among countries like Vietnam, Indonesia and India this May.  Aside from that, it is also the second most popular device in the other markets, which proves that this device certainly made a name in the industry.  There are certainly lots of phones that become a hit in the past, but most of them can’t retain its popularity.  Only time can tell when the F1 series would hit the rock bottom, so using its name again and again would be a pretty great strategy since it would certainly sell.

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