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Oneplus is on a new adventure for oneplus 3 with “The Lab”

The rising smartphone brand oneplus has announced a community review program called “The Lab”. This program is only for the new smartphone that the company is launching in few weeks which is oneplus 3. The registration can be done from their official website. It’s a peer review program and the registration for the program is accepted only for the next few days. In the registration application an essay section is introduced where the user have to explain why he should be chosen for the program. Reports says that oneplus will recruit 30 members around the globe for the review program. So you all might not catch the train but few will surely do.

This program is limited for the device oneplus 3. This device has already grabbed regular certification in many countries. Therefore it is less likely that the company will come up with big modifications based on the feedback of this program. During this program users will be given the device for the purpose of testing in real world scenarios. Selected people will be able to take in depth look of the device’s software and features as well as the hardware and efficiency of the device. Thus the company can address the user experience and performance issues before the phone is launched.

Oneplus has maid a smart move with this unique marketing technique to reach the potential buyers. Already more then 6000 people have filed their application. The company might post some details from the reviews of this program but what they really do with this information is yet to be seen.

The phone is planed to be launched on 14 of june on a virtual space station. They also have announced that users will be able to order while the launch is underway with the help of VR. VR headset is also upgraded from cardboard to a fully closed loop VR. This upcoming wonder will be sold by Amazon in india with registration fees of 1 RS. From 3 to 7 june.

The device is hoped to come with a 5.5 inch display, processing power of snapdragon 820 accompanied by 4GBs of RAM. The rear camera is hoped to be of 16MP and front one would be of 8MP, And this model is also integrated with NFC.

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