OnePlus 5 Specs and Price Details Pops-up on Geekbuying and GearBest (Chinese Retailer)
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OnePlus 5 Specs and Price Details Pops-up on Geekbuying and GearBest (Chinese Retailer)

All the OnePlus fans out there, have an oncoming day to celebrate and it could be even closer, than you think. Do you know what it might be? Yes! The company has officially confirmed that the OnePlus 5 is the next one in line, and also has hinted that we could expect it, to be unveiled on June or July by this year.

As you all know, it has been a while, since the OnePlus 5 was spotted on the OppoMart, and in the meanwhile, a lot had happened. Now, the Chinese retailers, Geekbuying and GearBest have put-up the upcoming phone on their websites, along with its specs and pricing details.


Accordingly, the OnePlus 5 sports a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, rendering a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels; powered by a 64-bit Snapdragon 835 processor, clocked at 2.35GHz with Octa-Core chipset and Adreno 540 will be included for processing; and holds an 8GB RAM and 64GB built-in storage with microSD card support.

Moreover, the camera is adorned with a 23MP on the rear, while a 16MP one is offered, for the selfie shooter. In addition, the fingerprint sensor is placed at the rear and a USB Type-C port, below; runs on Android 7.1 Nougat; and packed with 4000mAh battery.

OnePlus 5

That’s it, now you would have got an idea on the specs list. Now, it’s time to know about the pricing. First, the only color option available as of now, is Black; and its actual price is $621.99, while with this pre-orders, the price is amazingly discounted to $449. But unfortunately, the shipping detail hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Whereas in the GearBeast, almost all the specifications are the same, but in addition, they have revealed some more features, in further to the prior one. Correspondingly, the device has the dimensions, 6.01 x 2.94 x 0.28 inches, weighing 156 grams. Furthermore, here an Arrival Notice Button is also featured. The price tag here is $689, which is somewhat higher than the Geekbuying’s.

However, the above mentioned specs are still uncertain, because the phone haven’t been officially announced yet. Moreover, many of the said specs aren’t matching with the earlier rumors. So, let’s hope, the OnePlus 5’s unveiling goes as per schedule (this summer) and wait until that.

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