OnePlus 5 Reservation Started on Jingdong (JD.COM) in China
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OnePlus 5 Reservation Started on Jingdong (JD.COM) in China

The most anticipated OnePlus’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5, has just a few days to go for its official launch, which is scheduled to happen on June 21st at a press conference in China. Being on the brink of the launch, now the reservation for the device has been opened on Jingdong ( The reservation is an official one, as it’s said to be OnePlus official store on Jingdong for its flagship.

Accordingly, the most interesting thing is that the 8GB RAM version do exists, as the rumors had it, which is also available for reservation. The device will come in two different storage variations, one is 6GB of RAM and the other one is 8GB of RAM.

The device looks stylish, with a 5.5-inch display placed in a full metal body. On the rear, it sports a dual camera setup, which is horizontally arranged. The fingerprint sensor is located on its front, precisely below the display. The image of the phone, put-up for reservation, shows it in Black color version, and also the device’s antenna to be in U-shape, as expected.

It obvious that the device will look similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, as rumors kept insisting and to be powered by Snapdragon 835, a flagship chipset.

Through the device is available for online reservation, we are still kept in dark, when the prices are concerned. Yes, there is no information about the price of the OnePlus 5, even on Jingdong ( But again, rumors states that it would supposedly carry a price tag not exceeding 3,000 Yuan.

Though the reservations had started only by today at 10 AM, the number of reservations have already crossed 50,000. The reservations will end, right on the launch date, i.e. June 21st and will available for purchase, starting from June 22nd. Hence it’s time to registration one for yourself and we hope that the device will become available, more in numbers than that of the registrations.


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