OnePlus 5 New Teaser Revels Four Color Options
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OnePlus 5 New Teaser Revels Four Color Options

OnePlus had dropped teasers earlier, of its upcoming handset, confirming that the next device will be called, OnePlus 5. Yet, the launch of this device is still indefinite. Now the company has released one more teaser, hinting the possible color variants for the OnePlus 5 Smartphone.

This newly posted tweet doesn’t have a secret or hidden meaning, but at the same time, we wouldn’t say it is not tricky. Yesterday, the company had taken its own Twitter handle, to reveal what the OnePlus 5 fans are actually thinking, about the possible colors of the device.


As a matter of fact, they’ve asked “what 5hould the color of your next phone be?” in the tweet. Yes! With an exact hint “5hould”, disclosing that it should be about the OnePlus 5.

Anyway, rather than using the letter ‘S’, going with the number ‘5’ has clearly shown the endeavors of the company, to stir up the eagerness of the crowd, which will eventually persuade them to purchase this much-hyped smartphone. Therefore, now the Chinese company has burst out the four possible color variants of the OnePlus 5.

The shown colors are Black, Gold, dark Red, and Gradient (from Purple to Cyan or light Blue). Well, it seems that they have either wanted us to choose one or two colors from the available options, or unveiled all the color choices that they have planned to give to the OnePlus 5, when it hits the market. We couldn’t tell what it is, shrewdly.

But, the colors Black, Red and Gold seems to be usual and compelling, because it is not that surprising to see handsets tainted in such colors, today. However, we are not sure about the Gradient one.

Hence, we could barely conclude that the upcoming OnePlus 5 could wear more than one unusual color scheme, along with the Black and Gold ones. Which one do you think, the OnePlus should go with? Something crazy like having a glass back or holding a very reflective paint in 2017? Only time can answer it. Hence, let’s wait and watch what’s going to happen in the upcoming days.


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