OnePlus 5 Charging Much Faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8 – Official Videos
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OnePlus 5 Charging Much Faster than the Samsung Galaxy S8 – Official Videos

One of the most awaited smartphone, the OnePlus 5 finally arrived just recently. Right after it, the company have also posted a couple of videos on YouTube that boasts the fast charging capability of the newly released device, putting it in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

On that note, the videos presents the functionality of the Dash charging on the OnePlus 5, carrying 3300 mAh battery; compared with the Adaptive Fast Charging in the Samsung Galaxy S8 that packs a 3000 mAh battery, to help customers to choose the best one.

In the first video, both the two devices are charged for 15 minutes, for which the OnePlus 5 touches 29% of charge, while the S8 just crossed only 20%. Again, after 30 minutes, the OnePlus 5 goes way further to 58%, whereas the S8 got charged only up to 39%.

Coming to the second video that runs for 30 minutes, we can see a car being driven around, with both the devices connected to the charger. Here, the OnePlus 5 charged up to 43% of the battery, while the Galaxy S8 charged only up to 12%, which means that the OnePlus 5 charges much faster, with the Dash Charging feature.

In both the videos, the OnePlus 5 has performed well and the Dash Charging feature really helps the battery to charge quickly. We could see that within an hour and 20 minutes the battery is charged fully.


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