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OnePlus 3 Soft Gold Version To Be Release in US Today

Over the past weeks, there has only been one color available for the OnePlus 3: graphite. Although the color makes the device look sleek and cool, there have been rumors that new colors are in the works. As it turns out, the rumor is true after all.

The news came from OnePlus’s CEO himself. A Soft Gold version of the OnePlus 3 will be released Today. This new color features a softened version of the usual gold color we see on smartphones and gadgets, hence the name Soft Gold.

From the pictures we’ve seen so far, the gold colored OnePlus 3 does look softer and more elegant than other gold smartphones. It doesn’t try too hard to be premium or to look expensive. Instead, the shade of gold is very subtle; you need to look at it under the right light to actually see the golden shine.

This is a good thing. As a truly great Android device, the last thing the OnePlus 3 needs to be is flashy. A stronger, brighter gold will only make the device look less valuable.

The Soft Golf OnePlus 3 will be available in the US  Today. The new color is also scheduled for a release in Europe on August 1st. Customers in Canada and Hong Kong – as well as several other countries in Asia – will also get the new color option on the same day. We just have to wait until an actual review of the new shade comes out to see how good it is in real life.

There is actual date for a global roll-out, but expect the new color to be available not too long after. We can also expect a red version of the OnePlus 3 announced really soon. You don’t need an invite to buy a OnePlus 3 – in any color – now that the company decides to no longer use the invite system. Simply go to and order yours in just a couple of clicks.

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