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OnePlus 3 Mini Spotted on GFXBench

In the beginning of this year, OnePlus launched a great flagship smartphone called OnePlus 3. Everybody was satisfied with this device, and there are some rumors about the company working on a smaller version of this smartphone. In fact, there has been a OnePlus 3 Mini supposedly spotted on GFXBench, which led to lots of discussions and speculations. However, there is no official declaration on the possibility of a mini version for OnePlus 3.

Few months ago, OnePlus declared that they are not planning to work anymore on OnePlus X smartphones, but they want to focus more on the “true flagship” series, which is the OnePlus #. Nevertheless, it is not entirely clear what they meant by this.

It may mean that they only want to create one device a year, just like how Apple decided to do with the iPhone 5s. But it could also refer to the fact that OnePlus wants to create more products in the OnePlus # series, also imitating Apple with their approach on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. In this case, both phones would have the same specs and features, just that the size difference.

This would explain what people have seen on the listing on GFXBench. According to the information there, the possible mini version will retain the Snapdragon 820 processor and the 6 GB RAM, but it will have a Full HD display of just 4.6 inches. This is indeed good news for those who want to own a smartphone with the specs available on OnePlus 3, but don’t afford to buy it. However, keep in mind that this information is unofficial and thus, unconfirmed, and it still might turn out not to be true. It remains to be seen whether somebody is playing tricks on OnePlus fans or indeed we are on to whatever the company is preparing.

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