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OnePlus 3 Gets The Newest OxygenOS 3.2.2 OTA Update With Latest Improvements

If you happen to be the lucky owner of a OnePlus 3 device then you have a reason to be glad. There’s another update coming for the device named OxygenOS 3.2.2.

Some of you may have received it by now, but if you’re among those that haven’t don’t worry, it will only take a few days for the update to reach every device. That’s just how it goes with updates – they come to devices gradually.

Here is what you should expect from the OxygenOS 3.2.2 update: bug fixes, improved notification management when the device is in Doze Mode which seems to still be a problem even after three updates, disabled fingerprint scanner when the phone is in a pocket and solves the issue related to the alert slider. Furthermore, if you check your Quick Settings, you’ll notice a NFC toggle.

In terms of video recording, the OxygenOS 3.2.2 updates the 4K video codec and even improved noise cancellation.

Finally it comes with the latest security patches which are always welcome and also, various optimizations have been added but there are no official details about those.

This is the third software update the OnePlus 3 has gotten this month, the previous one being the Oxygen OS 3.2.1 which was supposed to replace a bad update called Oxygen OS 3.2. The later had a rough start. It was pulled away a day after its release for unknown reasons but some people still managed to get the update and they had some issues.

The Oxygen OS 3.2.1 came with many improvements and fixes such as enhanced audio playback, enabled sRGB mode and improved RAM, GPS and camera performance among many others. As for the fixes, some of those refer to some gallery issues, the Clock/Music apps problems and it fixed the SIM recognition issue along with the notification issues.

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