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Official OnePlus 3 Cases – Have a look

We have recently reviewed the OnePlus 3 and today we came with the awesome official cases for that same device. The OnePlus 3 comes with a metal body design which is strong enough to protect the device from accidental drops but if you are looking forward to buy an external protective case, it is not a bad idea to have some cool looking protection.

We have lined up the cases that OnePlus officially offers to the buyers. Prices of this cases might be a little high but for the product quality they offer it is worth buying, and the fantastic look it gives to your phone cannot be compared with the third party case.

Firstly, I would like to notify you that regardless of the finish and what name suggests there are no natural wood involved in manufacturing any of these cases. But do not get it wrong as it is also batter from the environment point of view. But it surely would felt batter and classy if these were made out of actual rose wood or bamboo materials.

These cases are made out of plastic compounds and it feels pretty nice in hand and are also very much durable. All these cases fits perfectly on the phone and are of same size. The handling and the protection level they provide are very much same in all the five cases. And despite of the fact that these are manufactured out of plastic materials it really feels premium and gives a classy look to your device.

Four cases out of the five cases are manufactured by a popular US case manufacturer Evutec, whose philosophy and approach does not align much with the ECO theme and these four cases includes Black Apricot, karbon, Bamboo, and Rosewood.

And this is the reason for this four cases to have same overall feel and thickness, and moreover they also have the same price of €25. The texture and the finish of these individual cases does differ a bit, but OnePlus has surely given a toned down approach in this thing. The Karbon case is mostly feels smooth and the Rosewood option does carry some sort of texture.

The effect on the case is a faux wood effect and it is good enough to convince you. You will know that this is not real wood when you have a close look of it but you will not mind as the quality, durability and finish of the cases are very fine and uniform.

When it comes to the choice it depends completely on your taste, but if you ask me the Bamboo and Rosewood cases looks pretty stylish and unique. The other Karbon and Black Apricot seems to blend in a bit and looks more of a standard kind.

As far as the thickness are concerned, none of these cases will add too much bulk to your device and you can surely use it very comfortably in your day to day usage.

The signature Sandstone case is also very well build and it kind of differs from the other four. Unlike other four cases it does not have the Evutec logo as it may not be manufactured by this company. The shape and form of this case is very much identical to other four cases but it is a bit thicker and rigid. And it is the only case which manages to cover up the camera bump, therefore from the point of view of protecting the outer glass of the camera it can be a safer option.

This Sandstone case also differs in price from other four cases as it is available in €20 and it is the cheapest of all the five cases.

If you are not familiar with the texture and feel of the previous Sandstone back, let me tell you that it gives pretty much identical feel of a sandpaper and also offers a very nice grip in your hand. It is one of a kind case that you will find in all the smartphones and that is also the reason for it to be the OnePlus’s signature case. Anyways, all of the five cases will give a better look to you OnePlus 3 along with extended protection and it is worth trying. Do let us know about what you think about this cases and which one do you like the most.

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