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Official Galaxy Note 7 First TV Advertisement Revealed More Features

Everyone has been waiting to find out any confirmed information about what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will look like and what features it will have. There have been a lot of leaks about its specs and even images, but nothing official from the Korean tech giant.

However, Samsung finally released their first advertisement for the new phablet. This new ad confirms some rumors about the device, as well as teases us about some features. For instance, the discussion on the market is that the new Note 7 will bring a blocking system by iris recognition. However, the ad only shows us a few ways to block the phablet, some complicated patterns involved, but no info about the iris recognition one. But we’re not complaining, since we now know there are other options to choose from, if this cool new feature somehow doesn’t work for us.

Samsung teases us quite a lot in this ad, because we’re not given a full frontal look of the Galaxy Note 7, but we do get a general idea of what the device will look like. They don’t even give us a close look to the frontal camera, but they subtly show someone taking a selfie while their face is fully lit up. Which we know doesn’t happen for a normal frontal camera. What does that mean? We can only assume Samsung has done what has been done on other devices (like the J5 for instance) and included a front camera flash.

This is quite a smart ad, we might add, because they make suggestions about what the phone will feature – for example, water resistance. A few telephones are dipped into water, so we can only assume that’s what they mean. It would be an interesting feature for a Note to have, since its predecessors never had water resistance. We don’t know if they’re going with the IP68 system, but it seems likely that this will be their choice.

They also have a funny way of telling us that there won’t be a Note 6 and they’re skipping right to 7 – because why not? They’re Samsung, one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The device will hit the markets on the 2nd of August, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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