Nova Launcher 5.1 Beta released with Dynamic Badges, icons and Notifications

Nova Launcher 5.1 Beta released with Dynamic Badges, icons and Notifications

The Android UI is usually jazzed-up, with a number of out-of-the house custom launchers or home screen alternatives. Thereupon, for that reason, we could definitely say that most of the Android users will love to install, new launchers; since, it helps to refresh and personalize our smartphone’s skin, in the way we like.

Therefore, innumerable Android launchers have been making their debut, every day, and even, they capture an ideal place in the Play store. Among-st them, the Nova Launcher (distinguished, highly customized launcher for modern Android), have been the most celebrated one, for quite a long time.

Nova Launcher 5.1

Now the big statement is that the Nova Launcher, is tweaking everyone’s hands to download its new beta version, Nova Launcher 5.1 beta. Further, the new version wraps, a completely tied-up package, without missing any of our requirements.

Primarily, the new 5.1 beta version, of the Nova Launcher has now fulfilled the long-standing requests from their users, with a great addition, Dynamic Badges feature. However, it is only given out for testing purposes, at the moment. Hence, to completely analyse the new beta version, just install it in your phones.

Actually, as per initial views, the unread message counts, are frequently confusing, with the new beta version. This might be due to the API restrictions, since every app, counts in a unique way. Therefore, the number gets meaningless. For example, when you have received three new messages, you will not be able to identify the sender, but only the count on the messaging application.

But it seems that the new version, is making up with the images, for what it has missed in the numbers. The dynamic count, pulls all the images from the notification to badge the apps. Yes! It will drag all your contact photos, from the messaging apps, album art from music apps, and even app icons from Play Store, to give a new look to your phone’s interface.

Well, this new feature has assured that it will give more chance to use the badges, on folder icons by screening the applications, with the notifications and not just as a numeric count. Suppose, if you need the old numeric counts, you can still find it saved in the Nova Launcher. Anyhow, you can try this new beta 5.1 beta version via Settings /Notification Badges / Badge Type /Dynamic.


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