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Nokia’s Smartphone coming in 2017, confirmed by the company!

After a long wait, we will finally see new Nokia smartphones being launched! The announcement was made by the Finnish manufacturer itself, through a slide featured at the investor-focused presentation, during the Capital Markets Day event.

However, it’s worth mentioning that none of the upcoming Nokia-branded devices will be produced by the company itself, since it will act as the owner of the brand and patents, overseeing the creation of the new phones.


Instead, the devices will be made by HMD, an entity founder earlier this year, which will work alongside Foxconn, the company in charge with research and development, as well as the whole manufacturing process.

It seems that HMD and Nokia signed a ten-year exclusive agreement, allowing them to use the brand on mobile phones. Even more, the deal will pour at least €500 million, consisting in marketing funds, in the first three years in which the new handsets will be sold.

To be more specific, we could see the first new Nokia smartphones, powered by Google’s Android, in the second quarter of 2017. Of course, our first thoughts go to a MWC release, in February, but for the moment, let’s just wait for further announcements, because we’re convinced that a few of them are coming in the near future!

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