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Nokia’s Android Powered Smartphone Rumored To Launch in China

Nokia has been in hiatus for a long time now, but two months ago, Nokia announced that they would return to the market.   Recently, there has been a leak about two Nokia Android devices that would enter the market.   Rumor has it that they can be compared to that of the current Android devices.  Nokia hasn’t made an announcement yet about their new product, but this surely gives us hopes that Nokia’s return would mean that they would indeed enter the Android market soon and what they offer might give other Android companies out there a run for their money.

If this is true then we can expect two more phones in the market.  This would be Nokia’s first entries to the Android market.  It can be remembered that the owner of Nokia regrets that they never entered the Android market before.  Maybe, this time, they are ready to be competitive and would follow the trend.   The rumors claimed that one Android would have a spec of 5.2-inch display and the other one would have a 5.5-inch display.  One thing is certain; both device would be featuring a 2k display, which would pretty much compete with that of the other Android device in the market, nowadays.

Another rumor that surfaces is that both devices would be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, which is pretty powerful compared to the ones that Nokia used for their devices before.   With the new processor installed, users can expect longer browsing hours as is among the best in terms of connectivity.  Aside from that the battery would last a little longer compared to the ones that Nokia used on its old devices.  Also, said iPhones can also be use even if is drench in water at a certain degree.  However, it is still unknown how much that certain degree is.   One thing is sure; no one would be foolish enough to do that if they aren’t going to get something out of it.

The only problem that most people would have with the new Nokia phones is that it would only be available in China.  There aren’t any guarantees that it would make its way to the other countries.  Perhaps, you would need to go to China just to get these Nokia Android devices.  Perhaps, they would make it to the other countries someday, but nothing is said on when this would happen or if ever this would come true someday.  Right now, they would be focusing on China and they aren’t going to let the other nation enjoy their products.

On the side note, Nokia is said to be loaning their brand to other companies, who are going to develop the phones.   They might bare the name of Nokia, but keep in mind that it won’t be Nokia that would handle the development.  There are no assurance that it would be quality since there would be a third party involve in the development of the device.  Hopefully, the companies would deliver and they would be able to produce a device that fits the name Nokia.



Source: Ubergizmo



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