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Nokia’s Affordable Android Smartphone ‘TA-1000’ Spotted On 3C Website

It is no news that Nokia is looking to regain an entry into the smartphone market and reports have already started to suggest a massive launch spree next year. Already, we are expecting to get up to five new units from the manufacturer at MWC 2017 in February and with a new leak making its way out of China, this could just be the first of many.

Passing the 3C test in China is a Nokia mode which is identified as only TA-1000 on the listing, and it doesn’t reveal much specs as we would have loved. From the listing, it can be learnt that the coming unit has support for 5V/2A charging which is what you would get on pretty much any device these days.

Since there is no incorporation of fast charging capabilities, it is safe to guess that this is an affordable, mid-range device.

In other but related news, Nokia is said to be considering the creation of more affordable units and topping those charts is the Nokia E1. According to the leaks and rumours, the Nokia E1 is billed to come with 5.5 inch of screen and pack a small snapdragon processor with it.

Featuring 1GB of RAM also, the promise of a Nougat 7.0 out of the box is just an attempt to justify the rumoured $150 price tag.

The list of affordable doesn’t just end there as there’s also the D1C, which would come in two variants. Is it just us or is Nokia not good with naming their units at all? That asides, there is supposedly a variant that would be powered a QUALCOMM snapdragon 430 chipsets, carry 2GB of RAM and pair that to a 16MP/ 8MP camera combo, all under 5 inches of screen.

The other variant is expected to pack a 5.5-inch display instead and use a bigger 3GB of RAM, while every other thing remains the same.

Last but not least is their offering to the high-end users. Leaked as the Nokia Pixel, this one would feature top of the shelf specs such as a QUALCOMM snapdragon 835 chipsets and 6GB of RAM. The Nokia Pixel is also rumoured to haul a 23MP rear camera sensor that would have 4K recording capabilities and sell in the region of Rs. 30,000, according to the leaks.

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