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Nokia 6 – 6 Bright Features of Nokia’s First Android Smartphone

Nokia made a big comeback in 2017 by unveiling its Nokia 6 device which is its first Android powered smartphone. The smartphone whose release comes after Microsoft abandoned the seemingly sinking ship is about to be Nokia’s get-out-of-jail-free card as it has brought the brand right from the dead.

The Nokia 6 which made headlines at the CES 2017 didn’t make the news for no reason at all as HDM went all in to make the device a damsel to die for. Packing a 5.5-inch High Definition screen along with an impressive 16-megapixel rear camera, here are some of the best features of the smartphone which Nokia promises to just be the beginning of its eye-opening challenge into the world of Android-powered devices.


1.    RAM

Nokia on the smartphone packs an impressive 4 GB of RAM which holds so much promise, especially for a mid-range smartphone. The 4 GB of RAM further highlights Nokia’s determination to regain its position and a market share which went down the drain following the failure of the Lumia smartphones. The Nokia 6 in comparison packs the same RAM as the high-end Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Google Pixel XL.


2.    Jumbo Internal Memory

The Nokia 6 along with the massive RAM featured for a mid-range smartphone is equipped with an impressively large internal storage size of 64 GB.  The smartphone, however, with partitioning for application storage space still boasts an impressive storage space to handle your files. Nokia is making up for those with love for larger files also threw in the microSD card slot which supports up to 256 GB of added and expanded storage space.


3.    High Definition Camera

The Nokia 6 comes equipped with an 8 MP camera for selfie lovers. The smartphone sports a rear-facing dual-tone 16 MP  camera which produces more quality pictures compared to some other high-end smartphone devices. The smartphone which boasts of a higher pixel compared to the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7 lives up to expectation by producing high-quality, crisp images.


4.    Sound Quality

As more and more smartphone manufacturers are aiming for better sound quality, the Nokia 6 is not left out of the competition as the smartphone packs stereo speakers coupled with Dolby Atmos sound enhancement. It also comes packing the 3.5mm headphone jack.


5.    Android 7.0 Nougat

The latest Android device from Nokia came with the up-to-date OS. Although the device could have easily sported the Android 7.1.1 OS,  there is much in the books which suggest that Nokia will in no distant future roll the update out to the smartphone.


6.    Pricing

This is by far one of the best pricing Nokia has laid on its latest smartphone; perhaps it is due to the smartphones manufacturer’s willingness to set its name again in the hearts of consumers of the mobile smartphone. The Nokia 6 is available at a pricing starting at $250 which is quite cheap for what the smartphone has to offer. However, HDM, the smartphone manufacturer threw a pin in the bubble by announcing that the smartphone will only be available for China market.

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