Nintendo Unveiled Switch Gaming Console In Tokyo, Price of $299.99

Nintendo’s latest gaming console has finally been revealed and to say Nintendo reached for the top on this is an understatement. The company unveiled the latest of its product to the gaming world in Tokyo. The latest tech, Switch, is set to go on sale as from March 3 according to the company and would sell for a price of $299.99.

The latest Nintendo Switch console, however, dumps the usual trend of gaming console as the latest product blends the concept employed in both traditional gaming consoles as in the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One with next generation application of sleek design and portability. The Switch console functions primarily as a normal gaming console when docked but can also be used as a wireless controller for games on a larger display. The best part however is, you can unlock your Switch console and continue mobile and portable play on the handheld device.

The built-in screen also has ports which allow users attach controllers for gaming on the go. The controller however comes with a special nomenclature according to the gaming company, the intended name being Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons features 4 buttons and can be used separately in games that require motion controllers.

The new Nintendo Switch however packs impressive specs which include a 6.2-inch HD screen with a display resolution of 1280×720 and 32 GB of internal storage memory which can further be expanded using microSDXC card. The processor on the console is a custom built one by Nvidia. It also packs two speakers fitted at the bottom and has a 3.5 mm audio jack at the top of the device. It is also fitted with aUSB Type-C port and a battery which is said t5o lst about 2.5 hours of gaming.

Accessories for the gaming device include the Joy-Con controller available at $80 although a single controller will be available for $50. The device can also be accessorized using the Switch Pro Controller, although bulky, goes for $70. The Joy-Con charging grip also goes for $30, the Switch Dock Set at $90, for racing games, the Joy-Con Wheel is priced at $15.

Games available via ‘game cards’ which will be inserted above the device will include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as announced by Nintendo. Other games announced for the gaming device include; Just Dance 2017, Project Sonic 2017, Dragon Quest X, Splatoon 2, Yooka-Laylee, Stardrew Valley, Lego City Undercover, and several more.

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