New Samsung Gear VR For Galaxy Note 7 Leaks Ahead Of Launch

There were many rumors surrounding the upcoming Galaxy Note 7, but no one actually expected to see a new Samsung Gear VR model among the most recent leaks. There were some vague rumors that a new headset was needed for the USB Type C connector that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will feature, but it wasn’t presumed to be released very soon.

The headset’s design is not very different from the previous model that was meant for Samsung Galaxy phones from S6 and up. It has the same black design except that now the plastic on the sides is also black, not white like we’ve seen it on the previous Samsung Gear VR model.

Another difference between the two modes is that the upcoming darker one is, as mentioned before, designed for a device that features a USB Type C port, which is the case of the Note 7. Not only that, but it’s the first one so far in the Samsung Galaxy line to feature this type of connector. All the other devices feature a micro USB connector. However, rumor has it that this new headset will be compatible with those micro USB port devices as well. This means that you won’t have to get a different phone to get a better VR experience. The only real downside to this is that if you will buy the Note 7 and you want to try the VR experience, you won’t be able to buy the previous model which is heavily discounted right now and is affordable to almost anyone. You will have to buy this last headset model which is significantly more expensive than the previous model.

Although, there is no official information about the upcoming headset, some tech bloggers have compared it to the previous model and they have concluded that while the latter was priced at $99 upon its release (it’s way cheaper now), it’s quite possible that this one will be $90.

Since the pictures for the phablet and the VR headset were spotted together, we can assume that the they will also be released simultaneously at Samsung’s Unpacked event which is scheduled for the 2nd of August.

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