New Leak Reveals Android O Would Be Called Android Orellete
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New Leak Reveals Android O Would Be Called Android Orellete

When the whole world is waiting eagerly for the official launch of Android O, which is going to happen in New York City on August 21st at 2.40PM, we have received some leaked reports, stating that the Android O wouldn’t be called as Android Oreo. Well, you read it right. The leak has suggested that the next version of Android might be called as Android Orellete.

Well, most of you won’t be knowing what’s this Orellete. So, before jumping to the Google for the answer, let me tell you that it is a thinly fried pastry coated with sugar and is mainly eaten in some part of France and Spain.

Now, coming back to the leak, which has come from Cliff Wade, who is a customer support manager for Nova Launcher. Cliff claims that the Android O would be called as Android Orellete instead of Android Oreo. However, he has refused to reveal his sources of information by saying that original leaker wants to remain anonymous.

Before this leak, Evan Blass, who is a well-known source of such leaks, along with other many sources, had said that the Android 8 would be called as Android Oreo but it seems that this time their calculation would go wrong.

As of now, we have no clue why the company has chosen (if the leak is true) Orellete instead of much popular Oreo. However, we advise waiting instead of coming to any conclusion as the Android O is just hours away from official launch.

Source: Cliff Wade

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