Mozilla New Firefox 8.0 for iOS Announced with Varied New Features

Mozilla New Firefox 8.0 for iOS Announced with Varied New Features

Mozilla Firebox is a well-known web browser that is already used widely in various platforms, like Windows, iOS, and Linux. Now just a day ago, the Mozilla has released a new Firefox 8.0 for iOS devices, with new features and improvements.

The aim of Mozilla’s Project Quantum is to propagate a well-developed new-age web engine with remarkable improvements to their users. The newly released version of the browser can be acclaimed to propel an outset for the endeavor.

The pinnacle of the Firefox 8.0 is the Night Mode, which provides a dimming option that protects the eyes from more training when the lights are out. For further astonishment, the browser also features an enhanced a built-in option, QR code scanner that eliminates the need for downloading separate third-party software for this function.

Moreover, the browser is also complemented with email a new addition to the list of email clients that are supported by it. The password manager has been improved, with a better login page detection. Hence, syncing passwords with Firefox Logins has got to the next level.

Besides, the browser also includes some bug fixes and tweaks. For instance, it is known that the browser sometimes runs into issues with YouTube or other video websites, where the video freezes while the audio continues playing. It has been tackled now. They have also refined the tab experience enriched the mobile browsing sessions.

Overall, the browser comes with an extensively improved their interface, which provides a lot of time-saving inclusions to its users. Interestingly, the latest version is also capable of controlling the address bar with an external keyboard. All these fabulous features are added to the Firefox 8.1 for iOS users, for a better browsing experience. The latest version will be available for the Germany and US users, initially.


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