Moto Z2 Force Goes Pre-Orders in the US (Pricing Details)

Moto Z2 Force Goes Pre-Orders in the US (Pricing Details)

Motorola refreshed its last year’s Z line, introducing the Moto Z2 Play, over a couple of months ago. And just a day earlier, the company has also made the next one in the line, official. Yes, the Moto Z2 Force has been finally announced, following months and months of rumors and leaks. Thereby, now the pricing details of the phone, in the US has been revealed, where the pre-orders for it is being accepted.

To keep it clear, we’ve to understand that only the carrier variant of the Z2 Force has been made available for now. Whereas, an unlocked one is supposedly expected to hit the market soon. Hence, you’ll have to choose a carrier to go with, even if you opt to buy it directly from Motorola, where it costs $799.99, along with a Projector mod rebate or $33.33 per month, for two years.

Previously, we’ve seen various Moto phones to go on sale, exclusively through Verizon. But notably, it’s not so this time. Yes, the Moto Z2 Force is available with the various carrier, and with respect to it, the prices do vary. Accordingly, T-Mobile has it for $750 summed-up and in installments, it’s $30/month for two years, along with a $30 upfront.

Sprint offers the device for $792, and there’s also an option to lease it for 18 months, paying $33/month. You could also take a way around for Sprint version, by buying it from Best Buy. Here, the phone is priced at $24.66 per month, for two years, which sums-up to $591.84; along with, a first generation JBL SoundBoost mod for free. Hence by this way, you have a better option, if Sprint is your choice.

And at Verizon, it is $756 in total; however, you could avail over 50% deduction on this price, if you choose to pay in installments. Thereby, you’ll have to pay $15/month for two years, which is bare $360, when summed up on the whole. But, mind that the tariff would aim to recompense it.

On the whole, the device will start shipping from 10th of August, regardless of where you’re buying it from.


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