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Moto X (2017) hands-on images leaked

As you probably know, Motorola took its flagship line one step – actually letter – forward this year, replacing the Moto X branding with Moto Z. However, it seems that X won’t actually be forgotten, since, according to the latest rumours and leaks, we will see a Moto X (2017) in a few months!

A couple of images were spotted online this week, revealing a device which, apparently, is the upcoming smartphone, considered the successor of the Moto X Style. Basically, it will be an upper-mid-range model.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any details regarding the specs, but we do know that it will be available in a Gold version, among a few more colours, most likely. It will entirely be made out of metal, rocking a physical home button mounted right under the display and housing a fingerprint scanner, while on the back, the phone will feature a pretty interesting camera, aided by a dual-LED flash.

Speaking about the camera, it’s found in a round, protruding area, somehow reminding us of the Moto Z. Of course, this could be just a design element, making the phone stand out a bit.

Also, after examining the back of the Moto X (2017), we can see that it doesn’t have the pins, so it doesn’t support the modular accessory system. About the latter, Lenovo said that it will be present just on high-end Motorola’s in 2017!

Keep an eye on our blog, as we will be back with more details about this smartphone as soon as anything new comes up!

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