MIUI 9 Interface Screen-shots Leaked on Weibo

MIUI 9 Interface Screen-shots Leaked on Weibo

We all know that the MIUI 9 is probably in the making, which is going to be the next iteration of the Xiaomi’s interface. It’d bring several new features and enhancements over the previous one, the MIUI 8. To our surprise, now a set of screenshots of the MIUI 9 has popped up on Weibo, which comes right from the Xiaomi’s VP, Huang.

Notably, these screenshots have arrived in just two weeks after an official confirmation was made, stating that the MIUI 9 is under development, via Weibo. Further, the VP had let out these screenshots, in order to get a feedback from all the Xiaomi’s admirers, to know what they actually think about it.

Besides, the new screenshots revealed a few features of the MIUI 9, such as it is based on the Android 7.0 Nougat OS; and will sport new features, such as picture-in-picture and split screen. Furthermore, there are reports that Xiaomi is going to call off the SMS scheduling features, due to the scanty number of SMS users in this modern era.

Moreover, one of the welcoming features in the new MIUI 9 interface is, it allows users to delete even the system apps if felt unnecessary. Thus, you can avoid needless apps sticking on to your screens with this feature. However, the theme shown in the MIUI 9 screenshots, doesn’t meet our expectations, as it looks naively plain, and the icon styles also seem to be so old.

Luckily, there are also options provided here, to change the theme as per the user’s preferences. The official release of MIUI 9 is too far, as this firmware will start rolling out only after a lengthy open and closed beta testing processes.


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