MIUI 9 Newest Features Leak, Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture

MIUI 9 Newest Features Leak, Split Screen & Picture-in-Picture

A few months ago, Xiaomi started working on the next big version of its custom ROM, named as the MIUI 9, which is expected to be out in the near future. Meanwhile, the devices are now being upgraded to its latest MIUI 8, where new enhancements are added every now and then.

Recently, an email from the company to the app developers has been revealed, which precisely explains about the features of the MIUI 9. Accordingly, the MIUI 9 will be equipped with two fresh features, such as ‘split screen’ and ‘picture-in-picture’ features.


The email provides related suggestions, to the developers those who are believed to be working on the new version of the MIUI 9. The document doesn’t represent the name MIUI 9 appropriately, however it is an assumption that the company is in process for its next-gen ROM. Hence the features mentioned, might probably be for the next version of the MIUI.

It may come with features inspired from the Android 7.0 version, where the company have requested the app developers to incline more with the standard Android interface, instead of anything that is of the usual MIUI standards. But note that the features will not be restricted to the current updates of the MIUI version. This may reduce the burden to make the Xiaomi phones stable.

For all the Xiaomi smartphones, running on the Android 7.0 Nougat will get these new features along with the MIUI 9. Right now, the high-end smartphones of the Xiaomi, such as the Mi 6, Mi 5c and Redmi Note 4 will come right under this segment.

As per the reports, the company is also planning to implement this new version, even with the devices that run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We can also expect that Xiaomi will announce the MIUI 9 with these new features, in the next two months.


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