Midnight Black OnePlus 3T Limited Edition Officially Announced
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Midnight Black OnePlus 3T Limited Edition Officially Announced

The all-black OnePlus 3T Colette Edition (Limited Edition) was launched, celebrating the 20th anniversary of Colette fashion boutique in Paris, last week. Only 250 units of this matte black phone were manufactured, and all of it were sold-out yesterday, in Paris, at the Colette store.

Everyone thought that was the last hue for the smartphone. Well, right on the queue, the OnePlus has now launched one more limited edition model, which is named as Midnight Black. The stylish – looking Midnight Black OnePlus 3T, will move on for sale by 24th of this month. Meanwhile, on Hypebeast’s website, the new Apple’s Red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is coming out, with 250 units to shop on the same day, coincidentally.

Thus, it seems that, owing to the innumerable requests from the crowd, the manufacturer had finally decided to provide, more of the stunning all-black product, publicly. Moreover, this limited edition Midnight Black, still has the same space-grade aluminium body, which gives the same texture like that of the original OnePlus 3T.

Apart from that, a 14 Microns-thick triple layer coating, is applied to the surface of the phone, which is followed by a double sandblasting process too. It’s been said that this process is done to give the smooth shiny look and to assure that you to feel comfortable, while holding the phone. It also featured with an anti-fingerprint layer, so that the device doesn’t get smudged easily.

However, in spite of being confident, about all these coating processes, the company has also given a caution notice to the users, that there might be chances for micro-abrasions, without a protective case, on regular use.

Here, the specs are similar as that of the original OnePlus 3T model, and it is only available with a 128GB option. The user can buy this stunning Midnight Black for $479, on the Hypebeast website, right at 12.00PM EST on March 24th. Though OnePlus have confirmed that the phone will also be available on its official website, they haven’t announced a date for it, until now.


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