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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 To Launch In Q1 2017

Microsoft has been doing well with their convertible sets of Surface Pro tablets and with each new one, they just get it better. The latest version in the line of Surface Pro tablets is the Surface Pro 4, and given that this one has spent up to one year in the market already, it is time we started looking forward to the launch of another one.

If you, like us, had then been wondering on when we would get the next one, we might have something of an answer for you.

According to a Taiwanese website, Microsoft has plans to release the next tablet – the Surface Pro 5 – in the first quarter of the year 2017. If this report can be banked upon, we should be looking forward to the time-frame before the end of March for the next launch.

According to DigiTimes also, the Surface Pro 5 would come with an Ultra HD screen, featuring resolutions as clean as what you should render on a 3840 x 2160-pixel screen. There is also the promise of a magnetic charging stylus in the mix, making the information all the more endearing to us. Unfortunately, that is just about everything we know about the Surface Pro 5.

Just like the previous models, this unit would be designed by Microsoft but manufactured by Pegatron. There is a twist to this arrangement though as there seems to be Quanta Computers in the mix to take up some of the manufacturing load.

However, you have no need to worry about there being variants of your favourite set of compatible tablets, given that they would most likely run the same specifications out of the box. This year is another big one to look forward to for Microsoft, and we can’t wait to see how they aim to get things better on the Surface Pro line again.

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