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Microsoft Surface Phone Concept Looks Elegant: An Alternative To Galaxy Note 7?

It’s been a few years since the first rumours about the Microsoft Surface Phone emerged, making fans dream about that day when the Redmond-based company will finally release that high-end handset, able to bring them back in the game once again.

Of course, we’re all aware of the issues Windows Mobile is still dealing with, putting it way behind iOS and Android, so, most likely, it will take some time until people will start considering devices powered by Microsoft’s OS. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re not allowed to dream!

Considering that the Surface tablet line was very well received, Polish designer Bartlomiej Tarnowski imagined a spectacular smartphone concept, inspired by Microsoft’s tablet and featuring a Type Cover, as well as a Surface Pen.

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The addition of the latter would make the Microsoft Surface Phone a serious competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Even more, considering Sammy’s current battery issues, Microsoft’s device would definitely be a great alternative!

On the other side, seeing a Type Cover on a smartphone is something we’re skeptical about, but it’s hard to believe that somebody would actually use it, even though the concept has a 6” display.

Moving on, the Microsoft Surface Phone concept has virtually no bezels, as well as sensor-based areas on the bottom, replacing buttons. We have mixed feelings about this idea, but hey, it does look very good!

Finally, it’s very important to mention that recently, Microsoft filed a patent for a phone including a fingerprint scanner integrated into the display, but there aren’t any details hinting that the Surface Phone could become reality in the near future. Therefore, it remains just a good looking concept, allowing us to keep dreaming!

What do you think about the Microsoft Surface Phone concept? Would you buy this device?

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