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Microsoft Surface Book 2 To Be Released in Q2 2017

There are many rumors out there saying that Microsoft is no longer considering manufacturing the Surface Book 2 and is instead focusing on developing other types of hardware, even though many tech bloggers and Surface Book owners are waiting for a new and improved generation of such laptops.

Others rumors state that Microsoft will probably launch the device in the last quarter of this year and some other contradicting rumors place the launch date for the Surface Pro 2 sometime in the second quarter of next year due to some design problems.

If you’re not familiar with what the Surface Book is and why it’s important, then you should know that it’s the first Microsoft manufactured laptop and when it came out, it got many positive reviews. So now, tech bloggers and users are waiting for the next and improved generation of Surface Book laptops, but so far, Microsoft hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

As mentioned before, there are some rumors that Microsoft wants to revamp the laptop and the delay in launching it or the absolute silence about the device are due to some issues related to this redesigning process. The same rumor places the release date for the device in the second quarter of 2017.

Supposedly the redesigning will make the next gen Surface Pro thinner and lighter than the previous one, while at the same time making it more efficient in terms of performance and power usage. But usually, that is how next generation laptops are redesigned when compared to the previous generation – they tend to be lighter and to perform better.

It’s also presumed that Microsoft will add a USB Type C port to this laptop and that it will also sport a 4K resolution display option but it will cost extra to have that implemented into the device. But if you really want it, that shouldn’t matter.

Everything is a rumor so far and Microsoft hasn’t stated anything about the Surface Book 2 so if you’re considering buying one you should focus more on the first gen laptop for now, rather than wait for this new version to come out.

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