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Microsoft Giving Away A New Free 8-inch NuVision Tablet If You Buy A windows 10 OS PC: Offer Only For US, Canada

As part of their new promotion in US And Canada, Microsoft would be giving away a new free 8-inch tablet from NuVision.  If you just want the tablet then it would cost you around $99.

However, the downside is that you need to be part of the few lucky ones since not the tablet is limited and there is no assurance that you would be part of the lucky ones once you buy your very own Windows 10 OS PC.   But, the Windows 10 has a lot offer.  It would make your work a lot easier with some of its newest feature.

This is not the first time that Microsoft did this as there was another promotion from before that lets you have the same tablet for $40 if you buy one of their new computers.   As if that is not good enough, the latest one simply gives the tablet for free when you buy a computer.  The company hopes that their marketing effort would click, thus, they would have lots of customers, so they can have a break even in their sales that would cover the free tablets that they are giving away.  If you want to know, which computer you would need to buy to get a free tablet, then head on to their site and you would see what computer qualifies for this offer.   Take note, not all the computer there would have a bundled tablet since that would bust their bank account.

Other than the tablets that you can avail, some promo that you would see there are the cash off promo such as the HP Spectre x360 notebook, which you can get from $999; it means that you would get it for $200 off from its original price.  Another promo that you might want to avail is the Alienware 15 Touch laptop, which you can grab for $1,999 that means that your cash discount would be $500 since that really sells for around $2,499.  This a common practice among stores since they want some potential customers to notice their products, but in order to do that they need something that would interest the buyers.  Other stores got their own promo and they know that a promo would always boost their sales. At least, that is what they believe and are hoping for.

This is a great promotion, but it doesn’t mean that people would just buy it just because of the promotion.  They would still need some luck and some great marketing skills to convince the people to buy their products.  Money is hard to earn and you can’t expect some people to just buy something even if they don’t need it.  It is true that some people are spending their money like it is nothing, but then again, not everyone would have the money to buy everything.  They need to spend it wisely as it is hard to earn.   Anyway, the new promotion would only last till September 9, which means that you have a lot of time in your hands to save for the Windows 10 PC that you want and avail of the promo.



Source: Windows Central

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