Microsoft Opens Gate for MSDN Developers to Test Windows 10 S
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Microsoft Opens Gate for MSDN Developers to Test Windows 10 S

Microsoft launched the Windows 10 S a few months back, an elegant and well-secured platform, which is specifically meant for educational purposes. The new version of the OS comes with various arrangements that would be very much useful for students, being an education oriented platform. Now the company has opened gates for the MSDN developers to assess the Windows 10 S.

To keep it clear, we have to understand one thing first. The new platform is bound to the Windows Store and hence users can use the apps that are downloaded from the Store only. Whereas, every app in the stored would already be evaluated and certified by the company. By this way, the company has endeavored to avoid exposure to dangerous apps, since its users are primarily students.

Thus, Microsoft has now allowed developers, to check whether their apps are working fine with the new OS; as a welcoming note to new educational apps to it. Accordingly, the Windows 10 S is now available for download, as an ISO file, for developers to install and run it on their computers. But, note that it’s only available for those who have subscribed to the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN).

Apart from testing their own apps on the new OS, developers could also send feedbacks to the company, based on their evaluation. Moreover, the Windows 10 S also comes with various educational features with its preloaded applications, like Edge Browser, Office 365, etc.

However, the Windows 10 S isn’t an expensive affair and we can definitely expect a slew of devices that are moderately priced, as much as $189 (INR 12,100 approx). Hence supposedly, devices from the house Microsoft Partners, like Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Fujitsu, Acer, Asus, and Dell are on the verge of launch.


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