Microsoft’s Rechargeable Modern Keyboard Launched With Hidden Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft’s Rechargeable Modern Keyboard Launched With Hidden Fingerprint Scanner

Microsoft keeps introducing progressive accessories for its Windows 10, consistently. Now the company has launched a new rechargeable wireless keyboard in its Modern line, which is expectantly a successor to the Surface Keyboard.

With this, the company has aimed to improve the lack of bio-metric scanners in the PCs. Yes, a hidden fingerprint scanner is incorporated to this new Modern Keyboard, which sports an aluminium frame and low profile design.


As mentioned, the integral part of the Keyboard, is its fingerprint scanner, placed between the ALT and the MENU Keys. Previously, we’ve seen fingerprint scanners, placed in visibly distinguishable in various keyboards. But to our surprise, here in the Modern Keyboard, the feature is subtle.

The feature unlocks the PC, without needing to type-in the system password, when the button is pressed with a registered finger, saving our time. Besides the fingerprint scanner, there another surprising factor, i.e. it can be used either wireless or can even make use of the wires.

As far as the functioning is concerned, the keyboard can either be deployed through Bluetooth 4.0 (or even higher) or 2.4GHz wireless networks; with its range set for about 10 meters in open space and 5 meters in an office environment. It packs a rechargeable battery that will remain up for about four months, on a single charge.

Finally, the Modern Keyboard is priced at ¥988 ($145) or $129.99 in the US and is already up for sale at the Microsoft China’s official store. It’s also said to be made available via, starting from July 11th.


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