Meizu X2 Leaks Show Circular Secondary Display at Back
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Meizu X2 Leaks Show Circular Secondary Display at Back

Just a few days ago, Meizu announced its Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus, with a secondary display at its back. But it seems that the company is planning to come up with some more devices with a secondary display. Well, this is what few recent leaks say. In the recently leaked images, Meizu X2 is seen with the circular secondary display at the center of its back.

Meizu X2

Now, one thing to notice here is, this time, the company isn’t planning with a rectangular secondary display, but with a circular secondary display, which seems comparatively smaller than what we have in Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus. So, it may possible that the company is planning to bring this Meizu X2 in mid-price bracket. Apart from the size, the circular display looks quite attractive.

However, this circular secondary display won’t be able to handle much stuff, other than displaying time & date, battery status, some minor notification and music controls. On the other hand, the leaked images also show that this Meizu X2 would feature a single rear camera sensor along with a LED flash light.

Sadly, we have no more information about this device but some unverified rumors suggest that the device would feature 5.0 inch full HD primary display. Now, we believe that soon we would have some leaks about the specifications of this device and then only we can say, whether the device is for mid-range customers or the low-range.


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