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Meizu Smartwatch Render Image Leaked With Specs and Futuristic Design

Now that most tech giants are releasing smartwatches left and right, it only makes sense that Meizu should get in on it too. In fact, they were the ones that announced that they would make a smartwatch last year and again about two weeks ago, so we know for a fact that Meizu has it in the works.

Meizu Smartwatch

There have been several leaked images of a Meizu smartwatch released online and the latest one has been spotted on Weibo. In that render, we can see a watch with the Meizu logo on its back, but the design looks like a very normal wristwatch, not a smartwatch. It also seems to sport a metal design with buttons on the side and to feature brown leather straps.

Other renders that surfaced online showed a similar watch from Meizu, but the logo could be seen on the front side. It also has a black seemingly leather strap, unlike the brown one that the latest render has. There have been some rumors that the upcoming Meizu smartwatch will feature metal straps. And it’s quite possible that there will be two very different versions of a smartwatch.

Supposedly, this upcoming smartwatch from Meizu will sport a Rockchip RK6321 SoC complete with two Cortex A5 cores and that it will not feature an Android Wear OS because that needs Qualcomm chipsets to run.

It should also be noted that Meizu has teased us before regarding the making of a smartwatch, more precisely, approximately 10 months ago, when they showcased what seemed to be a smartwatch prototype at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair that hasn’t been launched up until today. Moreover, the design of that smartwatch differs immensely from what we’ve seen in both sets of the leaked renders.

Now, since all of these are rumors and Meizu representatives aren’t making any other comments about their upcoming smartwatch, we can really assume anything. It’s very possible that the watches in the renders are smartwatches and it’s also very possible that they are just fake ones. It’s also just as possible that they represent upcoming normal mechanical wristwatches designed by Meizu that will be launched at some point.

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