Meizu Pro 7 Leaked Render Image Reveals Thin Bezels and Curved Display
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Meizu Pro 7 Leaked Render Image Reveals Thin Bezels and Curved Display

Meizu Pro 7 is the upcoming flagship from the company that is expected to be launched by next month, after the success of the Meizu PRO 6 Plus, which is the current flagship device. Yet, there are no official announcements, on when the smartphone will be launched, its specs and prices too. Now, a new render has been leaked very recently, revealing various design aspects of the device.

Meizu Pro 7

The recently leaked image covers the phone in front view, where it seems to look extremely different from their previous launch, happened last year. On having a glance on the alleged Pro 7, we could see the device coming with a slimmer top bezel, which resembles the one in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Whereas, the curved display that also appears to have rounded corners, is quite similar to that of the LG’s G6.

It seems that the capacitive home button has also got changed, which is very much different from their previous launches. Currently, most of the flagship devices appear to be coming without a physical button to provide thinner bezels, which is in vogue now. Yet, the upcoming flagship follows the Meizu’s well known signature physical home button.

On the whole, excluding the physical home button feature, the fresh new design makes more sense for the smartphone, to be launched in 2017. However, we cannot definitely say this would be the real thing, as the source of the image is still unknown. Therefore, we are not very much sure about the leak and will have to wait for the further leaks or reports in the upcoming weeks, to confirm whether it will feature this new design.

Finally as mentioned, the latest leak haven’t shown anything about the Pro 7’s specs. Only the outlook design, with the thin bezels has been revealed, so far. Anyhow, the newly alleged leaked image of the Meizu’s upcoming device is a surprising one. Just wait and stay connected with us, for the latest updates.

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